¿What about health care in México? ¡It´s better than you think!

There is a popular belief that getting medical attention in Mexico is just as hard or even harder than in the United States. This might have to do a lot with the media coverage regarding poverty and violence in Mexico, but while we do know that hospitals in the US have top notch technology and equipment, the attention you get in Mexico, Americans report, it’s better for half the costs.

According to reports by Veterans News Report, people in the Mexico spend 1/5 on healthcare compared to what they would spend in the States, and this is accompanied by a 90% satisfaction rate.

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Reports also mention that, while the #1 complaint for healthcare in the US, is the lack of empathy or communication with your doctors, residents in Mexico often talk about how they felt listened and cared for by their doctor.

Mérida the capital of Yucatan state, has always been a center for medical services. The University of Yucatán (UADY) has had for generations one of the best medical schools in México. Because of the quality of the hospitals and the many specialists of all kinds, patients from all over Mexico come to Mérida for medical attention.

Cancun and Playa del Carmen get thousands of tourists from all over the world, eager to enjoy the beautiful beaches, fun parks and mystical archaeological sites. Many of these tourists, whether by disease, injury or personal desire; visit local clinics and hospitals to treat various conditions, checkups or even cosmetic procedures.

Residents will find that health services and care, including checkups, dental care, plastic surgery, rehabilitation, and intensive care, besides being first class, cost a fraction of what they would cost in the U.S. Many of the doctors speak English as they have done post-graduate work abroad.

For health insurance, rates in Mexico are very accessible. You can be protected and use the best hospitals and doctors at reasonable costs.

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Blood banks: There is no North American Red Cross Blood Bank with units of blood on call, but rather for each emergency or scheduled operation, blood is sourced from the hospital’s own blood bank. It is customary for the patient, to be requested to replenish the blood used from relatives and friends with the same blood type. Be sure to carry your blood type with you in case of emergency, and know which of your friends and relatives might have the same blood type as you.

If you’re looking for a quality medical service, you must know that you are in good hands.

The Mexican Southeast has several hospitals, with excellent service and the best professionals.

If you need direct contact with local doctors and hospitals, please leave us HERE your contact details to help you.

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